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Yiya orchid

Deal Score+339
Deal Score+339
You have never been raised, but you must have seen it that it is the layer of coat wrapped outside the rice dumplings.As a plant, the leaf color is thick and green, strong and strong.It is an excellent overcast leaf plant for indoor greening decoration.

Yiye orchid’s other name

One leaf orchid is also called a spider -hug egg, exposing the soil because the underground rhizome is raised, and the root must be surrounded by the name of the ball stem.Other alias are Daye Wannian, bamboo leaf plate, Kowloon plate, and bamboo stretching tendon.

One Yelan’s growth habit

One leaf orchid is a perennial herbaceous flower plant, with a root -shaped stem, large and narrow leaves, with folds on the edges, green on both sides, and sometimes yellow and white spots on the edges.Although one leaf orchid is a leaf -viewing plant, it will bloom very strange flowers.His flowers did not grow on the branches and leaves, but it broke out, which was very special.

One -leaf orchid meaning

Yiye orchid means auspicious and peaceful, one -leaf orchid blooms

The meaning is: long and unique.

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