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What to do if the yellow leaves of the banyan tree fall

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There are many reasons for the yellow leaves and leaves of the banyan tree. If it is caused by insufficient light, it needs to be increased; if it is caused by insufficient humidity, spray water around; If it is caused by soil plates, it is necessary to loosen the soil regularly; if it is caused by pests and pests, pesticides need to be sprayed.

1. Light ventilation

What to do if the yellow leaves of the banyan tree fall

Reasons: Insufficient lighting of the growth environment and poor ventilation will lead to poor development of banyan trees, and at the same time, leaves will occur.

Solution: Place the banyan tree bonsai in places with sufficient air circulation and sufficient light to ensure its light and do not expose it. To avoid excessive temperature difference, the yellow leaves of the banyan tree are dropped.

2. Increase humidity

What to do if the yellow leaves of the banyan tree fall

Reason: Dry air is also a major reason for the deciduous leaves of the banyan tree.The banyan tree has higher requirements for water in the air, and maintaining a certain humidity is conducive to its growth.

Solution: Use a watering pot to spray water around the bonsai.In addition, water can also be sprinkled on the ground to increase the humidity of the surrounding environment.

Third, proper watering

Reason: The amount of water requires a large amount of water.Excessive watering can easily lead to rotting the roots, which in turn causes the leaves to fall yellow.

Solution: Reasonable water control of the banyan tree.Unless the soil is dry, it does not need to be watered. At the same time, watering should be poured in one time, so that the whole pot has water on the top and bottom. Do not only get half wet, which will also affect the growth of the banyan tree.

Fourth, loose soil

What to do if the yellow leaves of the banyan tree fall

Reason: The soil board will cause water and fertilizers to reach the root. They can only stay on the surface of the soil, making it impossible to be absorbed, resulting in dysplasia and then fallen leaves.

Solution: The soil needs to be loose regularly, and the soil is changed every two years. It is best to mix a certain percentage of sand in the soil to increase the breathable drainability.

5. Spray pesticide

Reason: Pests and insect pests can also lead to important causes of yellow leaves of banyan trees.

Solution: The main pests that affect the health of the banyan tree include aphids, red spiders, and 蚧. You can use oxidation and fruits to spray and kill water.

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