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What should I do if the breeding method of the rainbow Jade Jindu?

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The breeding rainbow jade brocade must first provide sufficient light, which is particularly critical for the growth of the plant.Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is appropriate. In the summer, the cooling work should be done, and the warmth should be kept in winter to grow healthy.In addition, watering should be appropriate. It has little demand for water. It can be poured through the soil after drying.If the plant drops the leaves, you need to find the cause and apply the right medicine.

1. Breeding method

1. Pinded light: The jade brocade of the rainbow is a succulent plant, which cannot grow without sufficient light. If the environment is dark, the plant cannot perform photosynthetic effects, and it may also grow.It is usually necessary to put it in the sun. In the summer, it is necessary to cover it appropriately to prevent the plants from being exposed to the sun and lead to leaves.

What should I do if the breeding method of the rainbow Jade Jindu?

2. The temperature is appropriate: The jade brocade of the rainbow is a spring and autumn species. It grows fast in the gentle spring and autumn. The temperature is too high or too low. It is not conducive to its development.The temperature should be controlled between 10-28 ° C. The temperature is too high in summer, and it needs to be sprayed with water appropriately.Winter is relatively cold. Be sure to keep warm to ensure that room temperature is not lower than 5 ° C.

3. Proper watering: The growth of the rainbow jade brocade is relatively slow, and the drought tolerance is very good, so you don’t need to water frequently. Too much water can easily lead to rotten roots.Usually give water properly, and usually pour in the soil, which can ensure that the water is not available.In addition, in summer and winter, it is also necessary to reduce watering due to dormant.

What should I do if the breeding method of the rainbow Jade Jindu?

4. Supplementary fertilizer: Hongzhijin needs a certain amount of fertilizer during growth, but does not like big fertilizer, so you don’t need to be too diligent.Usually it is enough to apply fertilizer once a month, and it is necessary to fully dilute before fertilizing to ensure that the concentration of the fertilizer is low and will not burn its root system.During the dormant, fat should be stopped to avoid forming fertilizer.

What to do if you drop the leaves

What should I do if the breeding method of the rainbow Jade Jindu?

There are many reasons for the brocade of the rain of Hongzhiyu.If it is because the environment is dark, light needs to be strengthened, but do not be exposed.If it is because of too much water, it is necessary to discharge excess water to maintain good ventilation.If it is because of diseases and insect pests, you need to cut off the diseased part and spray drugs to remove insects.

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