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What are the plants of three petals

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There are many plants with three petals, such as salamander, purple leaf gurgee, white triple leaves, three leaves, and three leaves.Among them, there are many varieties of berry. The most ornamental value is the glory of the ball, mostly potted plants.The plant type of purple leaves is large, the leaves are purple, and the three -petal leaves are a group.Bai Sanye more garden greening, which is what we often say, is lucky to find four leaves.Three leaves and Sanye green are Chinese herbal medicines, which are usually rare.


There are many varieties of grouting grass. Among them, the most ornamental value. The most common thing in family planting is the roots of the roots. The breeding ball is very small and the reproduction ability is particularly strong. Each group of leaves has three petals. The amount of flowers is great.

What are the plants of three petals

Second, purple leaf glowing grass

Purple -leaf gurgee plants are taller than glutinous graphic grass. As a herbal flower, the purple leaf gurgee grass is also very easy to explode. Each group of leaves also has three petals, purple, and the top of the leaves of the petals. When the branches, the leaves will be automatically closed when the blast is light.

Three, Bai Sanye

White three leaves are the clover we often call, the flowers are white, each group of leaves have three petals, and there are white patterns on the leaves. They are often used as garden green plants to cover the ground. Find four leaf grass ~

What are the plants of three petals

Four or three leaves

The three leaves are also called three tiles. They are vines. They grow more between the soil in the mountains. The leaves are three compound leaves. They have long petioles and are mainly distributed in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places. One of the common Chinese herbal medicines.

Five or Sanye Qing

Sanye green is also known as the golden line hanging gourd, and it is also a perennial evergreen vine. Each group of leaves also has three petals. Like three leaves, it is also one of the common Chinese medicine medicines in Chinese medicine.

What are the plants of three petals

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