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What are the legend stories that make the gentleman’s flower language and meaning?

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Make the gentleman’s flower language good health.Because of its high medicinal value, it can treat many diseases and allow people to have a healthy body.Therefore, it can be given to friends who are sick or injured. The meaning is that he hopes that he can recover soon, healthy and healthy, and also promotes the friendship between the two.It can be placed at home when maintaining, can calm down irritability, and it is also helpful for health.

1. The meaning of the gentleman’s flower language

Make the gentleman’s flower language good health.Because its medicinal value is relatively high, it can effectively treat many diseases, which can promote people to have a healthy body.It is very suitable for injured and sick friends. The meaning is that he hopes that he can recover soon and promote the friendship between the two.In addition, it can also be placed at home during maintenance, which can not only play a role in decorating home and purification, but also calm down irritability and help health.


2. The legend of the gentleman

1. According to legend, in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a superb medicalist Lang, the name was Guo Zhajun.One day when he went up the mountain to pick medicine, he found a fruit, and he picked home after trying to let his grandson eat.His grandson discharged tapeworms after eating.So he came up with the method of treating tapeworms and healed many children with tapeworms.Later, in order to commemorate him, the plants that made this fruit were named the gentleman.


2. This legendary story is related to Liu Bei during the Three Kingdoms period.It is said that Liu Bei’s son Liu Chan had a disease, his stomach was swollen, his body was weak, and he often cried.One Tian Liu Chan went out to play, and after seeing a lot of wild fruits, I ate it.Who knew that after eating and vomiting and diarrhea, Liu Bei thought it was poisoned and called a doctor.Then Liu Chan pulled many tapeworms and was not crying.Later, his body slowly got better.And Liu Bei thought that the wild fruit saved him and collected many medicine powder.People don’t know the name of the wild fruit, thinking that the first thing to taste was Liu Minjun’s son, so they named the gentleman.


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