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Wen Xinlan plant is light and chic, the flowers are strange and cute, and they look like flying Kingdee. They are full of dynamic. They are one of the important types of pot flowers and cut flowers in the world.According to legend, when Song Meiling visited the White House, he fell in love with this flower at a glance.


Wen Xinlan’s other name

Auspicious orchids, dancing orchids, Kingdee orchids, tumor orchids, and dancing.

Wen Xinlan’s growth habit

Wenxinlan is native to the United States, Mexico, Peru and other places. Hard -leaf varieties like warm environments, and thin leaf varieties like cold climate.The suitable temperature for thick leaf varieties is 18 ~ 25 ° C, and the temperature in winter is not less than 12 ° C.The appropriate temperature of thin -leaf types is 10 ~ 22 ° C, and it is not lower than 8 ° C in winter.

Wen Xinlan likes to moist and semi -yin. In addition to watering to increase humidity, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves and ground frequently. Increased air humidity in a timely manner is important to the growth of the blades.The drought resistance of hard leaf -shaped varieties is very strong, and it will not die without watering in winter.

Wenxinlan should be shade in time in time, but in winter, there is sufficient sunlight, and it is more beneficial to flowering.

Wenxin Lan’s flower language

Auspicious, happy, worry -free, forgetfulness.

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