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The breeding method and precautions of Tya lotus

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The roots of the special jade lotus can’t bear the wetness, it is best to raise it in the sandy soil with good permeability.Tsar lotus needs to maintain sufficient sunlight, preferably outside the outdoor.It is more drought -resistant, and it is water to ensure that it is watering through seven to ten days.During the growth period, the secondary phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied. Pay attention to the thin fertilizer.It grows well in a warm environment, no more than 35 degrees Celsius in summer, and not less than 5 degrees Celsius in winter.Pay attention to ventilation during maintenance to prevent diseases and insect pests.

1. Soil requirements

Tea lotus is a kind of succulent plant. The root can not bear the water and wet environment, so it is best to cultivate in the sandy soil with good permeability. It can be prepared with sand, garden soil, rotten leaf soil, and river sand.For a year or two, the plants can grow larger and need to change the pot soil for the plant.


Second, sufficient light

The color of the leaves of Tea Lotus is related to the sun. The more gliming, the more bright the leaves of the special jade lotus.It is best to be raised outdoors and can fully contact the sun.If it is raised indoors, move to a bright place.However, be careful not to see the scorching sun in summer, and avoid burning yellow.

Third, reasonable watering

Its plant itself contains sufficient water, so it is more drought -resistant. Watering does not need to be too large. Watering water every seven to ten days to ensure dry pouring, do not produce stagnant water in the flower pot.


Fourth, regular fertilization

It does not need much demand for fertilizers, so fertilization does not require too much fertilization during daily growth. Potal phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is applied every month. Pay attention to thin fertilizers.

Five, suitable temperature

Tsar lotus is suitable for growing in an environment with suitable temperature. Do not be higher than 35 degrees Celsius in summer, and it cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius in winter, otherwise the growth rate will slow down.


6. Precautions

Pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and spray time after occurring.

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