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What is the reason why Yiluo is not long?

One Yelan may not be the cause of the soil. It has been not breathable for a long time without loosening soil. At this time, it is necessary to loosen the soil ...

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Why isn’t Yiliu long leaf?

One leaf orchid is not long -leaf, which may be unsuitable for temperature, and it needs to be adjusted to ten to twenty -five degrees.It may also be the lack ...

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Why isn’t one Yelan long bud?

If the flower pot is not good, the leaf orchid does not have a new bud. At this time, you need to replace it with a loose and breathable flower pot.The ...

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What should I do if I don’t have a long new leaves

Many people may have seen such a very characteristic plant. He has a large and long leaves, green oil is very beautiful, and the leaves are really very ...

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What should I do if I don’t like one Yelan

Many friends who like to grow flowers and grass may have raised such a special flower.It is particularly large, and it is particularly long. The entire plant ...

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What to do if a lotus leaves are rotten

After the leaves are rotten, it is necessary to deal with it in time. You should first find a clean scissors to cut all the rotten leaves and remove them.If it ...

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What should I do if a leaf orchid leaf is dry?

There are many reasons for one leaf orchid leaf.If the light is too strong, it needs to be placed at the astigmatism, or the shade should be appropriately ...

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How can I raise one leaf orchid at home?

One Yelan can be placed in front of the corridor at home, which can block the evil spirits of some corridors; placed next to the sofa can block the evil ...

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What is the effect of raising a leaf orchid at home

One Yelan is not uncommon in home green plants. Some people will place it alone or decorate home with other flowers.But I still can't resist the light of ...

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How to breed Yilian

Soil: Select loose and fertile micro -acidic soil.Water: The pot soil is moist, and the water is sprayed and moisturized. After the autumn, the watering is ...

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