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Spidering orchid

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Granite is a herbal plant.The branches are drooping, is it ever -green in the four seasons? It is one of the most traditional living rooms.Potted plants can absorb harmful gases indoors, and there is a name of “green purifier”!

Spidering orchid


There are many different names of spider orchids, such as Guilan, Grape Orchids, fishing orchids, tree banana melons, Zhejiang crane orchids, pouring orchids, and eight -leaf orchids.

Habitual habit

Like a warm and humid, semi -shade environment, strong adaptability, drought to resistance, and cold.

The requirements for the growth of soil are not high, the drainage is better, and the loose and fertile sandy soil is the best.

If the light requirements are not strict, the medium light can grow well, and the weak light is also available.

The suitable growth temperature is 15 ~ 25 ° C, and the wintering temperature is above 5 ° C.When the temperature reaches above 30 ° C, the plant stops growing.

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