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Ruixiang’s flower language and meaning, what are the legendary stories

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Ruixiang’s flower language is auspicious and auspicious, and it is a plant with high ornamental and more beautiful meaning.Because of its beauty, it is very suitable for maintaining at home. It can decorate the home and bring good luck to the family.Or use it for friends, loved ones, and can express your good wishes.In addition, there is a wonderful legend about Ruixiang.This story is related to Li Shizhen.

1. The meaning of the flower language of Ruixiang

Ruixiang’s flower language means auspicious, auspicious.Not only is it highly ornamental, it is also a relatively auspicious flower plant.It is usually open around and after the Spring Festival, and the flowering period can last until spring and May.Because of its beauty and high ornamental, it is very suitable for maintaining at home. It can not only decorate the home, beautify the indoor environment, but also bring good luck and blessings to the home.


Second, Ruixiang’s legendary story

Ruixiang’s legend is related to Li Shizhen.According to legend, Li Shizhen used the medicine to use the Donglin Temple.One day, I happened to see a small river toothache, and there were already signs of redness on the face. This was the old monk took out a herbal medicine in the mouth of the small monk. It didn’t wait for the pain to ease and swell.So Li Shizhen went up the mountain to find this herbal medicine, and when he resting in the valley, he dreamed of Xiangu into a flower.When I woke up, I saw this plant, so it was named Sleeping.Later, it was widely planted and regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, so it was renamed Ruixiang.


Third, Ruixiang is suitable for who gives to

The meaning of Ruixiang’s flower language is very auspicious. It is more suitable for her friends, loved ones, family members, and can represent their beautiful wishes.It can be placed indoors or planted in the courtyard during maintenance. Pay attention to the management method, and it can better play its role.


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