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Millions of Xiaoling

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Deal Score+308
Millions of Xiaoling is a perennial root herbaceous plant. It is one of the varieties of small flowers and dwarves. It is also called “dance spring flowers”.Millions of small bells can be planted in most parts of our country in summer.

Millions of Xiaoling

The morphological characteristics of millions of small bells

The plant of the millions of small bells is covered with thick fine velvet, and the shape of the leaves is flooded or narrow oval.

With semi -woody stems, millions of small bells are more resistant to rain than ordinary eggplant plants.

The corolla of the flower is a funnel -shaped, the petals are small, but the number of flowers is amazing. It is like a pouring waterfall when it is blooming. The name of the “million small bell” is also because of the small flowers like a beautiful little bell. Compared with ordinary dwarfs, the flowers and leaves are relatively small, but the flowering period of single flowers is long. Each flower is blooming for about a week. The flowers are full of flowers, like waterfalls, small flowers are very cute. Because the flowers are like bells and a large number of, people love: “Millions of Little Bells”, similar to short glory. The flowers are slightly smaller, but more, dense, and longer. The “Millionaire” who claims to be “Millionaires”, if you have 10 pots of “Millions of Bells”, it is the “Millionaire”, which is the master of being envied, jealous, and even “robbery”.

The growth habit of millions of Xiaoling

Although the flowering period is relatively long, it has a normal adaptability to the environment. It is possible to make meticulous maintenance before it is possible to bloom in four seasons.

Millions of Xiaoling’s flower language

The flower language of millions of Xiaoling is similar to the dwarf -cow, which has the good significance of “with you”.

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