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Lily of the valley is a precious spice plant. Its flowers can extract high -grade aromatic essential oils. Its whole grass can be used as medicine.Flying in the wind is like snowing, so the grassland of the valley is also called silver -white paradise.

Lily of the valley

Linglan is also called Cao Yuling, Junying Cao, Valley Lily, Wind Bells, Perfume Flowers, Deer Bells, Little Reed Bells, Pyranium Fragrance, Mozi Vegetables, and Reeds. The English names of Lily of theland are Lily of the Valley, Lady-Tears, Ladder to Heaven.

Living habits of Lily of theland

Lily of the lily of the valley is cool and humid and semi -shade. Under the condition of low temperature, direct sunlight can also breed and bloom. It is extremely cold -resistant and avoids hot and dry. When the temperature is above 30 ° C, the plant leaves will be prematurely yellow. It is necessary to plant it in a higher altitude and no cool summer place in the south. Xifu contains humus, moist and well -drained sandy loam, avoiding drought. Pleasing micro -acidic soil can also grow normally in neutral and microtama soil. Sleep in summer.

The value of Lily of the valley

Watching value: Lily of the lily is the best plants under the leaf forest, forest and forest open space and the back of the building. It can also be configured with other flowers in flower beds and flowers; the vallus plants are short, elegant and beautiful, and fragrant. They are an excellent place and potted plants. There are milky, pink and spots. In the autumn, the red fruits are gorgeous and very attractive. It can also be used to cut flowers and plants.

Medicinal value: Lumana whole grass is medicine. After the fruit matures in summer, it harvested the whole grass, removed the soil, and dried. Lily of the valley can not only purify the air, but also inhibit the growth and reproduction of tuberculosis, binococcus and bacteria, and bacteria. The function of lingland has a strong heart and diuretic function, which is used for congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and left heart failure caused by hypertension and nephritis.

Linglan’s flower language

In France, Lumana is a symbol of purity and happiness. On May 1st each year, the French have the intention of giving each other to each other to wish each other a year of happiness. The gifts usually hang the flowers in the room to save the whole year, symbolizing the happiness of happiness. Lily of Lily can often be seen at the French weddings. Sending this flower to the bride is congratulations to the arrival of the newcomer. Probably because of this small flower like a small bell, it is reminiscent of the small bell that evoke happiness.

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