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Gardenia’s flower language

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The flower language of gardenia is joy, strong, eternal love and agreement, and waiting for a lifetime.In my country, it is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and spirit, and also implying elegant and pure friendship.You can give gardenia to the newlyweds, representing sincere blessings; you can also give lovers and lover, can enhance your feelings, express your love for each other;Friendship between the two sides.

1. The flower language of gardenia flowers

1. Joy: The flower language of gardenia flowers is joy.It is usually blooming in summer. In the hot summer, it opens pure white flowers. Looking from a distance, it can bring hope, surprise, and joy to people.

2. Strong: Although the gardenia is open in summer, it will start breeding buds in winter. In the middle, you must experience the cool wind in autumn, the severe cold in winter, and the unstable climate in spring.It is admirable to bloom beautiful flowers in the summer. This strong spirit is admirable. Only after experiencing the severe cold and heat can we know how to flowering.


3. Eternal love and agreement: The flower language of gardenia flowers is eternal love and agreement.Because love was at the beginning, the leaves of gardenia flowers have been waiting for flowers. From winter to summer, although the time is too long, the flowers will make an appointment for how long the flowers are agreed with the leaves.Waiting for so long is just to reveal the fragrance in summer.

4. Waiting and persistence of a lifetime: Gardenia flowers are evergreen in the four seasons, even if the wind and frost are still not withered, it is open at the hottest time every year, and has experienced the waiting for three seasons, so its flower language is the waiting and persistence of a lifetime.

Second, the symbol of the meaning of gardenia

Gardenia represents surprise, strong, eternal love and agreement. It is considered a symbol of auspiciousness and spirit in my country, and also implying elegant and pure friendship.In the southern region, many women will wear gardenia flowers, especially around the Dragon Boat Festival, you will insert gardenia flowers on your clothes and wear on your hair.The representative wants to give the auspicious party.If you give gardenia flowers to the girl, it means pure and beautiful.Gardenia flowers can also be paired with roses and rose to arrange wedding venues, or to make bouquets of brides, which means the bride is pure and beautiful.


Third, gardenia flowers are suitable for who gives to

1. Newlywed couple: Gardenia flowers can be used at the wedding, combined with roses and rose to arrange the wedding scene, it can also be given to the bride, which means that the bride is noble, elegant, pure and beautiful, and also the most sincere and beautiful blessing to trust in trust.Essence

2. Friends: In our country, gardenias represent auspiciousness and wishfulness. They can give it to friends, saying that sending auspicious Ruyi to each other can enhance the friendship between the two sides.

3. Lovers and lover: The flower language of gardenia is eternal love and agreement, waiting and persistence in life, so you can also give gardenia flowers to lovers and lovers to express their love for each other.Or it can also be used in a confession place and give it to the crush, so that the other party can know your mind and it is easier to accept.


Fourth, how to maintain gardenia flowers and flowers

1. Treatment of flower branches: The received gardenia flowers need to be trimmed first, remove the dead branches, rotten leaves, and dry petals on it to avoid continuing to consume water.In the later period, you can better absorb moisture, which is good for preservation.

2. Preparation container: The water container is preferably transparent glass container for easy observation.If other flowers have been cultivated, clean and disinfection should be cleaned first to ensure sterile non -toxic.

3. Insert the container: The flower branches are well handled, and the container can be cleaned and can be carried out.Put the flower branches into the container and add two -thirds of the water.Water is best to use pure water, or to dry tap water.

4. Later maintenance: The fresh cut flowers of water care need to be placed in a warm and ventilated environment. Basically, the sun does not need to be exposed. Occasionally, the astigmatism is accepted.You have to change the water frequently. Usually you need to change the water once every two or three days. Each time you change the water, you need to trim a part of it to promote better absorption of water.In addition, the water preservation agent should be dripped in the bottle every time, so that the preservation time can be extended.


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