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Deal Score+203
Fulu has a short plant and rich in color. It can be used as plant materials for flower beds, flowers and rock gardens, and can also be used as potted indoor decoration.A big hydrangea when blooming, very pleasing.


The other name of the Fulu Kao

Sky blue hydrangea, cone flower blessing Lucao, Fulu flower, Fule flower, five -color plum.

The growth habit of Fulukao

Fulu Kao likes a warm environment, cold -resistant, and afraid of high temperature.

Fulu Kaoyi grows in sandy soil with good drainage and loose soil, which is not tolerant to drought and afraid of waterlogging.

Fulu test is often breeded with sowing. The seeds can be maintained for 1 to 2 years, and the suitable germination temperature is 15 ~ 20 ° C.Both spring and autumn sowing are available. After planting in the open field, warm -keeping measures need to be taken to overwinter.

The flowering period of Fulukao is long, and the seeds are easy to harvest. In order to avoid the seeds from falling off, the inflorescence can be removed in advance, and the seeds are taken out after drying.

Flower language of Fulukao

Welcome, generous.

People who like Fulun have such a personality: you don’t like to be involved in disputes and like a peaceful life.You are old -fashioned and not good at expressing love. Even when you burn the fire of love in your heart, you are still so calm and never want to reveal it. You should frankly meet the impact of the soul and create a new self.

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