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Eight immortal

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Eight Immortals is a wooden root plant in the family of Tiger Ear. It is originally produced in China and Japan. At present, it is also widely planted in European countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals are also called “hydrangea”. There are also other names such as “Ziyang Flower”, “Powder Blossom” and “Grass Hydrangea”.

The morphological characteristics of the Eight Immortals

Eight Immortals are the deciduous shrubs of the genus Eight Immortals. The branches grow thick and have obvious skin holes.

The leaves of the eight fairy flowers are thick. It is the ovar -shaped leaves of the opposite. The edges of the leaves are crudely sawnop, and the leaves are fresh green and the leaves are yellow -green.

The flower head of the eight fairy flowers is relatively large. The inflorescence is an umbrella -shaped consisting of a large number of infertility flowers, which is born at the top of the branches and stems. The color changes with the growth, and gradually transforms from white to blue or pink.

The growth habits of the eight immortal flowers

Eight immortal flowers should be selected for loose and fertile soil with good drainage performance. Aluminum sulfate is applied to the pot soil to deepen the blue flower color, and the lime can be used to keep the pink flower color.

The sunlight time required for the growth of Baxian Flower is shorter. It must be treated for about 10 hours a day, which will sprout in about 45-50 days. Usually, it is necessary to do 60-70%of the shading treatment.

In terms of water, we should pay attention to keeping the wet soil. In the rainy season, we should pay special attention to drainage work to avoid adverse situations such as stagnant roots due to stagnant water.

The value of the eight immortals

The value of Baxianhua is mainly reflected in the viewing of ornamental, and is widely planted in the Yangtze River Basin.

It is also often planted on the hillside or shaded hillside in the garden.

You can also cut the flower balls of the eight immortal flowers as flower arrangement, embellish the room beautifully, or directly hang the flower ball on the bed account and other places for decoration.

Eight Immortals

The name of the Eight Immortals is originally a myth about the Eight Immortals, so it contains the meaning of “Eight Immortals Cross the Sea, each showing its magical powers”.

The significance of Baxianhua in different countries is also different. In China, it represents “hope”, “health”, “pride” and “happy reunion”, etc.; In the UK, it symbolizes “ruthlessness” and “cruel”.

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