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Clivia is an ornamental flower of the genus Clivia, a Clivia, with high ornamental value.Putting at home can watch both, but also beautify the home and clean the air.A small function is powerful and worth having!

Clivia’s other name

Dahua Clivia, Big Leaf Wall garlic, sword -lobe stone garlic, Deminlan

Clivia’s habit

Clivia is native to tropical regions in southern Africa, growing under the tree, afraid of heat and cold, and like semi -yin and humid environment to avoid direct light. The most suitable temperature for growth is between 18 ~ 28 ° C, the temperature is too low or too low.Growth will be suppressed.

Clivia is suitable for growing in a good ventilation environment, and it is suitable for the soil to be loose and fertile acidic organic soil.

Clivia is a typical greenhouse flower that is suitable for breeding indoors.

The Clivia under normal maintenance blooms once a year, and the indoor maintenance temperature is appropriate.However, it is rare to start twice a year or even three flowers!

Clivia’s flower language

Noble, there is a gentleman’s wind.

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