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How to raise gold and silver lotus, how to divide the strains

Base: Gold and silver lotus needs to use mud and water as a substrate.The bottom mud needs to choose moderate fertility, and water needs to be used with clean ...

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Why can dancing grass dance and how to raise better

Dancing grass dancing is mainly caused by three factors.First, the temperature is constantly rising, the water in the body will evaporate faster, so that the ...

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The difference between the banana and the paradise bird, which one is better

The difference between the two is mainly reflected in three aspects.The first is different. Travelers' banana is a family banana family banana.The second is ...

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Will aloe bloom, what are the omen of flowering?

Aloe vera will bloom.But very rare.Generally, it is constructed in tropical areas, temperature and humidity, and light are more conducive to growth. It can ...

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It is good or fierce to put aloe vera at home. Where is the Geely?

There is a good luck at home.Ji can cut off the adverse relationship, because there is a small thorns on the leaves, and aloe can be placed when you want to ...

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Aloe vera is taboo at home, where does Feng Shui be good

Aloe vera is prohibited from being placed in the underworld when breeding, because it likes the sun, and the environment in the yin will cause growth weakness ...

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The breeding method and precautions of Baisai pepper grass

Moor white veins need to be used with loose and fertile soil. You can use corrupt leaf soil with coarse sand with pot soil, and add a small amount of horse ...

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How to raise dragon boat flowers, dragon boat flowers photos

The dragon boat flowers need to use the soil with good drainage and breathable, and at the same time provide sufficient light to allow it to be affected for a ...

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How to raise horseshoe lotus, how to deal with after flowering

Raising horseshoe lotus needs to ensure moderate light. The environment cannot be dark or let it expose for a long time. Usually, it can be suffered 3-5 hours ...

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How to raise Nanyang Shan and how to make a top

To raise Nangyangshan must use loose and fertile soil, usually mixed with loam, corrupt leaf soil, and coarse sand. The proportion of the three is 3: 1: 1.It ...

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How to raise pork in pinetis and how to breed

Benpritis is a succulent plant, and it must be raised with loose and fertile soil so that plants can grow healthily.It is usually necessary to ensure that the ...

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How to raise a blue light, what should I do if the leaves are yellow?

Blu -ray meat needs to use soft soil, usually mixed preparation of peat soil and granular soil.Normally ensure that the light is sufficient, but avoid being ...

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