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Beauty banana is a commonly used flower -viewing plant for subtropical and tropical. Because of its huge flowers and gorgeous colors, it has become the new favorite of family breeding. Here are some basic information about beauty banana. Let us know this plant together.


Beauty Banana

Beauty banana, perennial -born herbaceous plant, is a flower -viewing plant commonly used in tropical and subtropical.

Beauty banana aliases

Beauty bananas are called red bright banana, little flower beauty banana, little banana.

The distribution range of beauty banana

Beauty bananas are native to tropical regions such as the Americas, India, and Malay Peninsula. They are distributed in India and north and south of mainland China. They grow in areas of 800 meters above sea level. They are currently cultivated by artificial species and can be cultivated throughout the country.

The morphological characteristics of beauty banana

The overall beauty banana plants are green, about 1.5 meters high, and the leaves are ovate -length, 10-30 cm long, and 10 cm wide.

The flowers of beautiful bananas are relatively sparse, with total inflorescence, higher than the leaves, the flowers are red and single.

The buds are ovate, green, about 1.2 cm in length, 3 pieces of calyx, lanceolate, about 1 cm in length, green and sometimes red, corolla tube less than 1 cm, corolla cracking sheet is lanceolate, 3 length 3 – 3.5 cm, green or red.

The outer wheel degenerates 3-2 pieces, bright red, of which 2 inverted lanceolate, 3.-4 cm long, 5-7 mm wide, the other is particularly small, 1.5 cm long, and only 1 mm wide.

The lip is lanceolate, 3 cm long, bending, 2.5 cm long, and 6 mm long; the flower columns are flat, 3 cm long, and half are connected with the flowers with stamens.

The beauty of beauty banana is green, long ovate, soft thorns, about 1.2-1.8 cm in length, and the flower fruit period is generally from March to December.

Beauty banana flower language

The flower language is: a solid future.

According to Buddhism, the beauty banana is changed from the blood flowing from the Buddha’s toes, and it is a large flower.

In the sun, the beautiful banana blooming in the hot weather makes people feel its strong will.

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